Grow New Grass Quickly

Take advantage of our hydroseeding services in the Rome, NY area

You shouldn't have to wait a month or more to get a healthier lawn. Premium Property Maintenance can provide residential or commercial hydroseeding services in the Rome, NY area.

We guarantee that grass will grow within two weeks. If it doesn't, we'll come back to provide grass seeding services again, but you don't have to worry about that. We'll use a specialized machine and a mix of mulch, water and grass seeds to ensure growth.

For a free estimate on grass seeding services, schedule a time for us to visit your property right away. We'll look over your lawn and give an informed estimate.

How does hydroseeding work?

When you get hydroseeding services, we'll mix mulch, water and grass seeds to spread on your lawn. The mixture will hold more water than the traditional straw water-retention method can, so your grass seeds will be more likely to sprout and grow. Plus, the mulch will break down to provide nutrients for grass.

We can also leave sprinklers on your lawn for the first three weeks for an additional fee. This will ensure that the grass has enough water to grow. For details, reach out to us today.